Where it all began 

It was January 2015, I'll never forget it. 

I was made redundant from my full-time job. My wife and I had just finished renovating our home to start a family. We found ourselves really struggling financially particularly as I had already started a Personal Training business and engaged a business coach to guide me which was costing more than my mortgage each month. However, I am so glad that I undertook that coaching as it helped me reach where I needed to be in my Personal Training business. 

Just one month later, in February, I was diagnosed with being infertile and my wife and I were told it was very unlikely we would ever be able to have children of our own. This news hit me like a ton of bricks, it pulled me apart; I felt completely broken 

I hit a very dark place, became depressed and was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. I felt tremendous guilt that my wife would never be able to have our children and towards my wider family that I would never give them grandchildren and cousins. I felt totally inadequate and was ashamed to tell people since most of our friends were having children. 

My thoughts were powerful and dark

"I'm not a real man if I can't have children"

"I should leave my wife so she can find someone she CAN have kids with"

"It's my fault we can never have children"

These thoughts created deep and dark feelings, I felt inadequate, guilty and totally out of control of my life, I was a failure. 

Or was I? was any of this even true? or was I allowing my thoughts to create feelings inside of me? 

In the summer I was taken on by a coach, not the business coach I already had but a personal growth coach. As a result, this coaching has led me to do what I am doing now – working with people to change their lives just as mine was. 

Every week I would meet with my coach when we would delve deep into my inner most thoughts and being. This coaching challenged my way of thinking and I began to see things differently. 

Supported, guided and challenged by this coaching, I began to realise that all my anxiety was created by thought and it was purely how I percieved myself and how I let these thoughts affect me that was causing this huge distress. We explored every part of my life through my past to the present and what I discovered on this journey was profound. 

I begun to understand that my thoughts had no power over me, not unless I gave them my focus. They were simply flowing through me, I could see that I had a choice of which thoughts I allowed to change how I felt and begun to feel free. I felt that I was going back to a place of wholeness where I was everything I would ever need to be despite what was going on around me. 

I begun to feel gratitude, see opportunity and that I had complete conscious choice of how I shaped my life. 

Suffice to say, during this self-development and self-exploration I found my deepest passion and as a result spent more and more time with various personal coaches, listening and learning. I had further personal coaching with various coaches to gain more experience which led to me further and deeper into self-exploration. I begun to do and be everything that I have ever wanted to. 

I became endlessly motivated, I had the ability to create powerful and lasting action and I could create anything that I wanted to create without fear holding me back. 

I now have a business that I love and a life that I embrace. Thanks to coaching and self growth, I understand myself and have peace, freedom and abundance. We ALL have days where we are not 'on top of our game' but being human is an experience, one which I want to work with others to make the most of.

Having been told I was made redundant and learning I was infertile, the biggest lesson in life for me was realising I was grateful for this as it led me onto the path of personal coaching and provided opportunities I otherwise would not have had. My CHOICE was to create a life I loved instead of allowing life to control me. 

So here I am today, working with people to create a life they love by coaching them to explore deeply the real self, to find what they truly want and create a place for them to truly exist.

One more thing, thanks to modern science and medicine, my wife and I had a little baby boy, I felt I wanted to leave you with a happy end to my story. 

What you think you become
What you feel you attract
What you imagine you create
— Buddha